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Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems in Seattle & Tacoma, WA

Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems

Whether you are looking for protection for a marine system or your building, we are there to help! We offer the latest in technology to provide you with the greatest level of protection. Please browse the buttons below to find out more about marine, conventional and intelligent fire suppression systems.

Conventional Fire Protection Systems

Marine Fire Protection Systems

CO2, FM 200 and NOVEC 1230 are clean agents and are the most efficient and widely used fire suppression agents. They are non corrosive, electrically non-conductive, odorless, safe around liquids or food and leave no toxic by-products or residue. All are UL, FM and USCG listed and approved. FM-200 has replaced Halon 1301 in several applications, including marine engine rooms.

Marine Fire Protection Systems USCG / ABS approved

Intelligent Fire Systems - Commercial/Industrial

Diagram of how Tacoma, WA, fire suppression systems work

Today's economy and technologies call for the latest in fire protection. Here at Alexander Gow, that means Intelligent Fire Alarm Suppression Systems. We are a Northwest Regional distributor and an authorized Engineered Systems distributor for Kidde Fire Systems.

This system can be used for local, auxiliary, remote protective signaling and releasing service. The system is a microprocessor based design for use with intelligent detectors and loop devices. The system utilizes distributed intelligent field devices. Each loop will support up to 255 devices with a maximum of 8 loops for a total of 2040 Intelligent points per system. Pegasus SL Control Panel

Intelligent Systems - Marine

Ansul IQ636

Ansul IQ636

The AUTOPULSE® IQ-636X-2 intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is designed with modularity and for ease of system planning. The AUTOPULSE® IQ-636X-2 can be configured with just a few devices for small building applications, or for large campus or high-rise application. Simply add additional peripheral equipment to suit the application.


Commercial Kitchen Fire Systems

Gaylord Industries manufactures a complete line of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and associated equipment custom engineered to meet every design and budget requirement.

Gaylord Kitchen hoods


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